At HDC, we are committed to you and we want to help you strengthen your relationship with God. Throughout the year, we offer tools and classes to help you experience God and teach you more about Him. Some of the resources we provide are Small Groups, Care classes, and Growth Tracks. Each of these resources are available to help you learn more about God in a community of believers.

Small Groups

Are you interested in getting connected with a group of people to study and discuss God’s Word together? Small Groups are an amazing opportunity for you to find a group of people who will study God’s Word with you and pray for you.

Care Groups

Care classes are classes that will help you manage life issues in a healthy and meaningful way. These classes include anxiety and depression and anger management to name a few.

Growth Tracks

Growth Tracks are intentional classes and events designed to shape lives, share truth, and stimulate ministry. Growth Tracks are intended to provide a stimulus to jumpstart a new learning or address an ongoing life issue. Sign up for a growth track today!

Young Adults

From 7-8:30pm every Thursday night, Young Adults ministry meets to listen to a sermon and engage in questions with a small group. This ministry is aimed towards those who are between 18 and 28. To learn more, click the link below.

Senior Adults

From 9-10:15am every Monday, we host Friendship Class for Senior Adults. This is a time for fellowship, worship, and Bible study. To learn more, click the link below.