A portion of all offerings made to the general fund go to support HDC Missions.

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Dan and Paula


Due to a high-risk environment, we cannot share a lot of information about this ministry. Despite not being able to give you further information, the missionaries would still appreciate your prayers.


Our Impact


Locally, in our own desert. These partnerships allow our own people to make an impact on our world here in our own neighborhoods. This work helps our HDC attenders develop rapport and trust to share the gospel with the people in their own oikos.

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Nationally, across our own country. These partnerships allow our finances to invest in the gospel-driven organizations and ministry partners as part of the larger culture we live in.

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Globally, across our own world. These partnerships emphasize our passion that every people group should have an opportunity to hear the gospel from someone they know in a language they understand.

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Understanding Missions

Missions is an important ministry expression at High Desert Church. We long for people to come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We also believe that the gospel travels most effectively through close, oikocentric relationships that God supernaturally and strategically creates for each believer. That’s why place high value on relational missions work. It’s vital for people to hear the gospel from someone they know in a language they understand.


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