Make a difference.

Serving others is a great way to make a big church feel like your church. Through serving in a ministry at HDC, your oikos gets to see your beliefs in action. You are investing not only in those you serve, but in their oikos and yours.

God has wired all of us with different gifts and talents, so we want to use those gifts to prepare others to change their worlds for Christ (Ephesians 4:11-12). So, whether you are gifted in music, productions, design, hospitality, working with kids or students, welcoming people to your campus or hosting a small group (just to name a few), we want to help you discover how God has shaped you. Let us help you find a way to impact the lives of children, students, or adults.

We know God is going to use you to prepare every generation to change their worlds for Christ (1 Corinthians 15:58). Of course, there are some basic requirements to serve at HDC. We ask that every volunteer attend HDC for at least 6 months. We also want everyone who serves to attend HDC’s membership class within 6 months of serving on a team. It’s always better if you attend the class before you fill out an application so you know what you’re getting into, but if you haven’t attended the class yet we can help you take that step.

Here are 3 simple steps to serving at HDC.


Please fill out an application below. We should get back to you within a week.


Once we have gone through the application, we will set up a face to face interview. It's really a meeting to hear what God has done and is doing in your life. We want to know why you want to serve and review the expectations that each ministry has. It also gives you a chance to ask us questions about what you will be doing and your expectations.


Once you've gone through the interview and have been approved to serve in a ministry, we will train you so that you can use your gifts to effectively prepare others to change their worlds. Then the ministry director will give you the next steps.

Find a meaningful role at the campus you attend:

Campus Experience

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Our Campus Experience Team aims to make our church campus feel like a home church for those who attend. In this ministry, we have teams that set up, tear down, and host our services throughout the weekend. We also have people who serve on our hospitality team.

Campus Safety

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Our Campus Safety Team aims to protect and create a safe environment for those who attend our weekend services. This ministry includes a security team, a dispatch team (available only on the Victorville campus), and a health care personnel team that is prepared to help when needed.


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Our Care Team aims to walk alongside people so they know they are not alone. From teaching financial wisdom, mentoring a married couple, or leading a Support and Recovery Group, our Care Team consists of people who are called to walk with others where they are.


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Our Communications Team searches for photographers and videographers who want to use their creative skills and gifts to help HDC share what God is doing. For this team, we are looking for those with great people skills and their own gear.


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Small Groups allow people to meet together to discuss the sermon and build relationships that prepare us to reach our oikos and change the world. Small Group leaders help transform our church from a service people attend to a church family they belong to by building authentic and meaningful relationships and discussing the sermon in a safe environment.


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Our Kids ministry aims to connect kids with God and church through personal relationships. On each of our campuses, we have teams that work with babies, preschoolers, and elementary kids. If you have a heart for kids, this ministry is for you.

Local Outreach

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Our local outreach team serves with our local partnerships. Our current partnerships are the Victor Valley Rescue Mission, Rose of Sharon, High Desert Second Chance Food Bank, Olive Crest Foster and Adoption Services, St. Mary’s Medical Center, Apple Valley and Hesperia Christian Schools. Volunteer opportunities range from serving food, counseling single parents, driving and setting up the mobile shower unit, collecting donations, fixing up men’s homes, cleaning up campuses, and praying with people.

Online Ministry

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HDC Online Hosts help create a welcoming environment for those who watch the weekend service online. This team makes sure our online attenders feel seen and encouraged to take the next step in their walk with God


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Our Production Team aims to connect our attenders with God through an engaging weekend service or midweek event. These services and events provide volunteers the opportunity to play a key role in productions by helping with cameras, lights, audio, and more.


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Our Stewardship ministry aims to help others learn what God’s Word says about our responsibility to manage the resources we have been given. If you like finances, spreadsheets, and numbers, we would love to have you serve as a table leader in our Financial Hope Workshops.


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Our Students Team aims to connect students with God and the church through personal relationships. In this ministry, you can help challenge students to develop a personal relationship with God that consistently impacts their daily lives.


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Our Worship Arts Team aims to compel people to worship God with their whole heart through music. During our weekend services and midweek events, this ministry features instrumentalists and vocalists that help lead our church in worship.