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Directional Team

Todd Arnett

Lead Pastor

George Beardsley

Executive Pastor

Kurt Thielen

Executive Pastor


Matt Coulombe

Campus Pastor - Apple Valley

Tim Sevilla

Campus Pastor - Hesperia

Landen Crouch

Worship Minister - Victorville

Jackson Arnett

Creative Minister

Abby Roland

Campus Experience Assistant Director

Joel Roberts

Worship Administrative Assistant


Jody Livingston

Student Pastor

Reggie Tamoro

Student Director - Victorville

Kyle Patrick

Small Group and Missions Pastor

Shane Jones

High School Director - Apple Valley

Ethan Hendricks

Jr High Director - Apple Valley

Carlos Pereyra

Student Director - Hesperia


Debbie Ackermann

Kids Senior Director

Julie McMican

Early Childhood Director - Victorville

Aleah Austin

Elementary and Preteen Director - Victorville

Lisa Wingerd

Kid's Team Assistant Director - Victorville

Amanda Austin

Administrative Assistant


Mike Roberts

Campus Pastor - Victorville

Mikey Powers

Campus Pastor - Phelan


Paul Gostanian

Engagement Pastor

Brian Haney

Growth Pastor

Patti Melendez

Administrative Assistant

Tammie Dailey

Administrative Assistant


Tom Mercer

Pastor Emeritus

Lyndsey White

Event Director


Evan Nelson

Administrative Pastor

Christy Salinas

Finance Director

Susan White

HR Director

Sarah Livingston

Administrative Assistant


Jacob Barbour

Operations Manager

Dennis Teece

Facilities and Maintenance Director

Mark McGee

Maintenance Assistant Director

Clayton Simmons

Facilities and Maintenance

Mac Melendez

Facilities and Maintenance

Barbee Ingram

Administrative Assistant

Emma Harbottle

Retail and Hospitality Assistant Director


Randy Reed

IT Manager

Scott Partridge

Productions Director

Mike Wallace

IT Director

Sam Pendergrass

Technical Director

Ben Pendergrass

Productions Assistant Director

Karissa Amaral

Graphic Designer Assistant Director

Tanner Amaral

Videographer Assistant Director

Siobhan Kilburn

Communications Assistant Director